YOUTH IN ACTION : Young Creative Geniuses Make India Shine


Teenagers across India are exhibiting their creative quotient in various fields. They move out of the restricted zone of their school and college syllabus and implement their ideas to develop something unique.

Youth have the vigor and passion to put their imagination to work that leads to extraordinary results. They certainly make the difference with their creativity.

Creativity is the subset of innovation. The new idea generated is referred as creativity. The idea, when proved using different resources, leads to innovation. When the invention is made available to the masses, jobs and wealth are created in the country!

Teenagers across India are exhibiting their creative quotient in various fields. They move out of the restricted zone of their school and college syllabus and implement their ideas to develop something unique. These young innovators/developers are mostly on self-learning journey to convert their virtual idea into real innovation or development. The entire process is challenging, yet extremely interesting and memorable.

We introduce three teenagers who have turned their creativity into the real functional product:


  1. Tenith Adithyaa

Tenith Adithyaa (second from left) with President Pranab Mukherji and other innovators


  1. Tenith Adithyaa (18), hailing from Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu, is a serial innovator, having 19 inventions registered under his name! He was the first participant of an inaugural program, “Innovator in Residence”, launched in 2013 by the President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee. He has been felicitated with numerous awards. He emerged as the winner of the IGNITE Awards conducted by National Innovation Foundation India.

Adithyaa receiving international award

Adithyaa is pursuing his first year engineering in computer science at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Before joining the college, he mastered 35 computer applications and 6 languages, all by himself. In an exclusive interview for YOUTH ACTION, he is sharing the details on his inventions and future plans. Excerpts:


What is the drive behind all these inventions?

I want to be different from all and craft a problem-free life for everyone. I like to solve problems creatively. Once I see a problem, immediately I am on my way to look for a solution for the same. All my 19 inventions so far are the solutions for specific problems the society or an individual faces.


When did you start experimenting?

It all started when I was 8 years old. I always liked to research and experiment. It became a routine for me. In grade 6th I had my first successful invention.

 Tell us something about your inventions.

All my 19 inventions are special to me. However, some of them have been recognized at national and international level.‘Banana Leaf Preservation Technology’ is most popular so far globally. We observe lot of waste generated due to the enormous use of plastic plates, bowls and glasses. So I thought of an idea to utilize banana leaves to make these use & throw plates and cups. By nature, banana leaf dries up within three days as it has soft cell wall. I have hardened these cell walls and barred pathogenic agents from destroying cells. Using my technology, the leaf is prevented from drying for almost 12 months. Besides, once the plates and cups are used, it can be decomposed into manure easily. Cost of production is minimal. Moreover, the problem of wastage is solved with functional products. This invention bagged more than nine international awards!

Another invention is ‘Adjustable Electricity Extension Board’.  While working in my lab, I require many devices to plug in the sockets. It was burdensome to use many extension cords and power strips. It meant a lot of wires that created a big mess. Therefore I made an adjustable electricity extension board that can accommodate any type of electric plugs in compliance with the available space. The device is effective up to a distance of 3 meters.

Then I developed one computer software ‘Power Mind’ in 2008, when was 11 years old. It is capable of running for 570 years. It is one of the world’s longest running software till date. For this I attempted for Guinness World Record. Some other inventions are, technology to produce electricity from lightening, universal electricity outlet, transferring heat energy into electricity without any loss of energy and so on.


How was your stay at Rashtrapati Bhavan?

I stayed in Rashtrapati Bhavan from 1 – 20 July, 2014. It was the most cherished time of my life so far! I stayed in the President’s House, along with other four ‘national innovators’ of the country. We five were the first five ‘Innovator Scholars’ of this program. We met many dignitaries and masterminds of our nation from all walks of life. We used to discuss the problems our people are facing and found the ways to resolve them. During our stay we were also introduced to the operational working of Rashtrapati Bhavan and defense forces.


Are these 19 inventions available to the masses?

Five of the inventions are registered in the market, and the rest is on hold. The reason is, I just don’t want to sell these inventions to some MNCs that allow them to re-sell it to my people in India at higher cost! What is the point of inventing when the solution is not affordable for the masses, and the created wealth is taken out to foreign countries? After I complete my education, I shall expand my existing self-owned company and commercialize my inventions for creating more jobs and wealth in my country.


What are your future plans?

I have developed a game that is completely based on artificial intelligence. On July 25, 2016, at a pre-event function, it shall be launched. Then I am doing some research for defense and medicine field.


What is your message to the Indian youth?

I have initiated a program, ‘Let us innovate Youth’. It is currently running in 23 countries. I have personally interacted with 17,000 youth! I have only one message to all: we are born in this world, so we should do something exceptional that has a positive impact in the society, and leave a notable mark to be remembered forever!



Shravan Kumaran  and Sanjay Kumaran 


Two teenage brothers, Shravan Kumaran (15) and Sanjay Kumaran (14), are the youngest mobile application programmers of the country. They have developed 7 applications available in Apple’s App Store, 3 apps for Google’s Android Play Store, and recently have launched their first app in the New Windows Mobile Store as well. They also became India’s youngest entrepreneurs with ‘Go Dimensions’, an app development unit, funded by their Dad and founded two years ago at Chennai.

Sanjay (L) and Shravan (R)

Shravan, studying in 11th grade, holds the position of President while Sanjay, studying in 9th, is the CEO of ‘Go Dimensions’. In an interview for YOUTH ACTION, they spoke about their ideas and aspirations. Excerpts:

Shravan and Sanjay with parents


How have you both started developing mobile applications?

Shravan: It was love at first sight with computers for both of us. We used to play lot of games on computers. We were totally hooked into it. So our dad, Kumaran Surendran, suggested, “If you both are interested in computer, then instead of playing games why don’t you make your own games?” It had a profound impact on us! We followed his advice.

Sanjay: Embarking our journey as computer programmers, our dad first taught us the basic computer algorithms and language called ‘QBasic’. It gave us an in-depth understanding of computer operations, and then we learnt other languages like ‘Java’ on our own through books.


Why did you decide to develop mobile apps?

Shravan: While learning the computer languages we had to make choice whether to develop programs for computer or mobile. We both felt mobile had a bigger market than PC as smartphone penetration in India is on constant rise.

Sanjay: Further, these days everyone carries mobile with them and not a PC. So we felt potential of mobile exceeds the computers. That is when we started to learn mobile app programming. Again the source of learning was books.


Tell us something about these apps?

Sanjay: All these are apps for playing games on mobiles. We have substantial number of downloads by people everywhere. Right now our purpose is to learn and not make money. All our apps are free to download. We are enjoying the entire learning process and we want to explore it further as much as possible.

Shravan: Our mother, Jyothi Lakshmi, lately told us to develop some more useful mobile apps. Taking her advice, we diversified ourselves and now we are working on educational and lifestyle apps. We are currently working in all fields.


Who had been your strength?

Sanjay: Our parents are our biggest strength. They have supported us in all ways.

Shravan: We both don’t fight and it is all because of our Mom. And because our Dad we have learnt so much!


Who has been your inspiration in your journey so far?

Shravan: We draw inspiration from Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. The way Steve Jobs have evolved the product use is fantastic. We are very much enthused with his products’ user interference and user experience. Every product of Apple is wonderful in terms of function and features.

Sanjay: Bill Gates inspires us with his marketing strategies. The way he sells his product is very stimulating.


What are your future plans?

Sanjay and Shravan: We will continue developing apps and also get into hardware in time to come. In future we want to have best MNC from India that develops fabulous products giving value for money to every buyer.


What is your message to other teens of the country?

Sanjay: We should love what we do, and do what we love; then only we can enjoy the learning process, and consequently attain the success.

Shravan: India is a great country. We both will complete our higher education and work here itself. We both are determined to do something extensive for the growth and prosperity of our country.

The Almighty has gifted human beings the power to think and act. Using this power we can solve every problem and make this planet a happy place to live! These youngsters have proved it! Hats off to their spirit to serve the country through their creativity! They promise to make our motherland shine on global platform. We look forward to their creative genius taking India to greater heights and glory.

By Shweta Dhanuka