The number of Indian students going overseas to study rose a stunning 256% in just nine years! The brain-drain, over the decades, has been killing our own potentiality to make our country a super power. Our inner sense demands to pay for our motherland. Now, India is witnessing a radical transformation where highly qualified youngsters are giving up cushy jobs to make a difference in the lives of poor people in rural areas.


‘He’s working in Canada. There are obviously better job opportunities there. Why would he come to India?’

Uncle Tim asserted his point in a family get together, boasting of the success of his son.

Aunt Kate added, ‘And ultimately India cannot really provide you with the lavish lifestyle that the foreign investments do. People are a tad bit conservative here.’

‘I don’t think so. The possibility is if we venture into something. It takes time. It takes patience and more of campaigns to create awareness among people.  People here are not conservative. They are just afraid to let new things shape their lives. It may fail once, twice, thrice but then if it’s worth it, it’ll surely be acknowledged in future and is sure to take off. However, that takes the best effort on our part.’ That’s what I said. And that’s what every Indian wants to say.

According to Plato, an object is the nearest imitation of an idea. Here, we need to analyse the word ‘imitation.’ Whatever we create is a replica, a copy of what was originally the idea in our mind. But the most original of all objects is the main idea.

We love to pursue our hobbies – dancing, singing, painting, composing, stamp collecting or swimming.  Our hobbies are a reflection of the ideas of our mind. I am a writer. When I was five, I saw kids playing, I played with them. But then there was an urge to be home and write in a paper some story. Some kind of vague story that was not common. That kind of an urge is for you to realise to give your hobby the highest flow of passion.

You want to buy a book. You are home. You turn on your WiFi connection. Switch on the computer. Type Amazon, flipkart or Snapdeal and there you are. You have lakhs of items, accessories, appliances, apparels and what not just a click away from you.

What are these? Yes, these are ideas. The ideas that we think and materialize in actions are the best form of creativity.

When you are in school, be present to grasp every opportunity to learn and obey. When at home, fulfil all the responsibilities that are required of you and then take out some ‘ME’ time even if it’s for an hour in 24 hours. That ‘ME time’ is the best productive time.

Cultivate the little creative land of yours, where only you and your ideas stay. Hold on to them as and when you get time. Your mind is best when engaged in some productive activity.

Rahul was feeling low. Nothing could cheer him up. Not even those expensive sporty shoes he asked  for. He went to his room, shut the door behind him and began playing the guitar – the same guitar that his grandpa gave him on his last birthday when he overheard Rahul saying that he wanted to be a rock star.  Thirty minutes later, the Rahul that came out of the room wasn’t the same as he was minutes before.

This is what your creativity does to you.  And every individual is gifted with talents, which, if nourished, can be one’s lifeline, profession, and life.

I recently came across an article when a couple Pranav and Priyanka Mokshmar had designed a revolutionary machine that cools like an air conditioner while consuming 10% of its electricity.  This was an example of how a simple idea can be the source of a revolutionary India.

India is witnessing a radical transformation, where highly qualified youngsters are giving up cushy jobs to make a difference in the lives of poor people in rural areas. Take for example, IIM grad Shuvajit Payne who left his luxurious life abroad to educate the rural masses and work on rural development projects. While good standards of living, experiencing different cultures, travelling the world and earning in foreign currency are some advantages of living and working abroad. Lower job levels, safety issues, unstable professions, loneliness and discrimination are the major disadvantages of living away from one’s own country.  

These are some people who never took the backseat. In the car of their lives, they didn’t just want to be passive passengers, but drive it their own way to make a difference!

Nowadays, we are pretty well accustomed with the solar panels being installed in appliances: was this a one-day job? Obviously, Rome was not built in a day. Talent is something that needs regular watering to eventually bloom into a beautiful future.

You had a breakup. You begin writing a page in your diary. The next day you find a moment of happiness, you jot down that too. And then one fine day you’ll find each page re-telling the experiences of your life which you could perhaps not recall otherwise.

Let’s say, for instance, your teacher says, ‘you’ve fifteen days before I take an assessment’. You come back home. Your book looks back at you with its 580 pages of heavy stuff and you sit back there thinking, ‘Impossible, this cannot be studied anyway in such a short time.’ Meanwhile, your best friend may’ve perhaps already completed the first chapter thinking ‘May be I can’t do it all. But I can do as much as I can be the best possible way.’

You can easily guess who will ultimately win the race. Either you can rant things out like a loser, or work as much as is possible within that – the approach of a winner.  It all depends on your attitude.

Sitting and blurting words at the sad situations of the country – be it corruption, illiteracy or crime against women – won’t solve it. Your voice alone can’t reach the ears of the nation. Get up from that chair and prove your point. Your actions will ultimately be your strongest weapon.

It’s high time we stop playing in the background. We are not born to just raise the curtains. We are born to perform before it.

And there’s a big misconception about success. Just because Lata Mangeshkar is a renowned singer, and you cannot sing, but can paint, doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. That’s a wrong, wrong thing to say to lower the self-esteem.  You can be the best as an artist. Who knows, maybe you are the incarnation of the future Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo.

There’s one quote that has really touched my heart: “Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Now is the time for the young to bring forth their ideas, regenerate their creative abilities, and make this country a developed India at par with the superpowers of the world. It’s high time we stop following the conventional norms and start exploring the unexplored.

You have the right to cross the fence, break the rules when you know it will ultimately bring a smile on someone’s face. If your creative ideas inspire a single person, you have surely earned a boon!

At times just forget everything else and play a game – the game to identity your true self, your true happiness and mould the clay of your creativity in beautiful earthenware.

As in one of the highly acclaimed 20th century British drama, ‘Look Back in Anger’ by John Osborne, the main protagonist Jimmy Porter says: “Why don’t we have a little game? Let’s pretend that we’re human beings, and that we’re actually alive.”


(Leema Dhar, a Bi-lingual novelist/poet and motivational speaker, has authored seven books — five best-selling English novels and two anthologies of poetry – in English & Hindi. Currently she is pursuing post-graduation in English Literature from the University of Allahabad, and is a columnist for various newspapers & magazines. Email:

By Leema Dhar