No Shortcuts Please..!  


Today many students opt for dummy schools for cracking a competitive exam. Can this be a solution to achieve success?

 Desires are important part of human life. Man never gets completely satisfied, and hence there is no end to human wants. If we insist on fulfilling these desires by adopting wrong means and taking short cuts, we may be able to acquire want we want, but in the long run it’s not sure that we will be able to enjoy it.

These days people love to take shortcuts for everything, even for losing weight, to earn money, or in studies. Today many students opt for dummy schools for cracking a competitive exam. They join dummy schools as most of the time spent in the school is wasted due to no concern for competitive exams by the school authorities. Dummy schools allow students to study hard for their competitive exams by permitting lean attendance. Can this be a solution to achieve success? You want to crack an exam where you have to prove your knowledge, and you are trying to gain this knowledge by adopting wrong means! You might get through, but there will be something you will miss. Taking a shortcut isn’t the best option to fix a problem.

Swami Vivekananda said, “We want an education by which Character is formed, Strength of mind is increased, the Intellect is expanded, and by which one can stand on his own feet.”

The first and the foremost point he focuses is the character formation. Getting admission in the dummy school and staying away from the school with the privilege of lean attendance is the first step where we are compromising with our character building, and that too, in the field of education. Just because there is so much of competition, or the required task is very difficult, one cannot undermine the real essence of education. Cracking the exam after doing double the work will be more rewarding because it took hard work and discipline to achieve it.


Instead of taking to the unethical practice of dummy schools, be a part of regular school as it always inculcates discipline among students. A strong discipline of learning is the seed of great education and success. Schools do emphasize upon regularity and executing your work with proper planning and functioning systematically which is the key factor to achieve what you desire and to fulfill your vision. By doing all these things the hard way, we will eventually start enjoying the process and learn more than we would have with a shortcut. This long path will provide us with new experiences and opportunities. The moment we start believing in our work, then probably we will achieve it. We can even follow smart learning techniques offered by different mediums.

It’s the time to choose the best choice from the unlimited choices that are offered to us.


If you still think that taking shortcuts by wrong means is a good option, then think again.

By Muskaan Jain