Musings From Assam


Holidays are for relaxing; maybe that’s why we find Saturdays and Sundays so special. Eagerly waiting for the summer vacations is one of the perks of being a teacher. As the last day of the school year ended, all the colleagues wished each other a great holiday.

I was one of them announcing about my planned trip to Assam. We boarded the train for Delhi on 15th May and took off the day after for Guwahati along with my Taiji, Mrs. Suman Pipersenia, who had returned from Switzerland after welcoming her new-born grandson.

As we got deplaned, the aroma of the trees of the state tantalized my senses. After bearing the dry and tremendously hot summer breeze of Delhi, Guwahati’s ambience was a bliss. I loved being around the trees. Our welcome was the one I never had before. My Tauji, Shri Vinod Kumar Pipersenia, is the Chief Secretary of Assam; and with that came the grand welcome for his family members. The escort with PSOs with guns to protect the leader’s family was a treat to the eyes and gave a great feeling of being important.

The voluptuous bungalow with large orchestrated garden was my Tauji’s creation. As I entered the house, I felt a gust of positivity in my veins. A place where even servants work smilingly must definitely have God residing in it.
From every little detail on the walls to the decors of all the rooms nothing was too loud. It was simple and soothing. Something that is difficult to forget, something that leaves you awestruck.

We visited different places starting from Kaziranga, Shillong, Cherapunji and finally Bhutan. We all know that the North Eastern belt of India is a heaven on earth.

Before every journey we all used to pray together, have breakfast together, discussed events, laughed and giggled together. On the days when we didn’t go for an outing we rested at home. We chanted. We exchanged pictures. Taiji had taken out her synthesiser specially for me to play. Our evenings would go listening to songs and playing board games.

While all these memory building events were taking place, I often reflected on the lessons I was learning unknowingly in the Chief Secretary’s house.
My Taiji is a grandmother, a young grandmother, I must say. She sang, danced, played with us, giggled and did everything what we youngsters did. Being the President of ‘Prerana’, the officers’ wives’ club, she is socially active, doing every bit for the betterment of the common people. She, with her team, provided aids in the accompaniment of world’s best doctors. She was also a fitness freak. She would call up her daughter-in-law and give all her love to her grandson. She would ensure our meals to be fat free and highly nutritious. She would tell me what dresses suited me. She would run all the house hold errands. She knew every bit of her home. She dressed up so elegantly.

She seemed to me a Superwoman – a leader, mother, grandmother and housewife. She taught me things that otherwise I would have taken ages to learn. She is as busy as my Tauji, the Chief Secretary of the state.

Shri Vinod Kumar Pipersenia and Mrs. Suman Pipersenia

It was the day of the oath taking ceremony of the newly elected BJP Chief Minister of Assam. The last 3 days prior to that, he slept not more than 3 hours. He was continually working and the day arrived. He left early that morning, all fit and handsome in his suit. He looked like a newly recruited officer. I admired him. He welcomed the Prime Minister. As we turned on the television we saw him addressing the chief ministers of different states. It was a moment of pride. A tear trickled down. I prayed for him. I was proud of him. I was jumping on the couch to click his picture from the TV, and immediately sent to all my friends and colleagues. I wanted to share my happiness.

The ceremony ended well. When Tauji came home we all congratulated him.
At night we all played board game. Do you know who won? Tauji. It was his day. That was a memorable night for us. We laughed our hearts out.

The day ended, and so our trip.

‘How can my Taiji be so versatile and so energetic? She does everything perfectly well and still loves selflessly. She has entwined my spirituality with my intellect. She’s simple and yet everything about her is so charismatic.’

‘Who’d say Tauji welcomed the Prime Minister in the morning, and in the evening he was sitting in his most simple clothes, playing with his kids like a kid? Who’d say he had slept so less and still laughed and enjoyed every moment with full zest’?

Lying in the bed with these thoughts, I was flying with wings of beautiful truth about life. However old we become, a child in us must never subside. I found that child in them. They enjoyed their responsibilities. They never felt burdened because they knew it was their sacred duty, and it’s a blessing because out of millions they were the ones selected for this purpose. My Tauji is an honest officer. My Taiji is an honest wife. What keeps them so energised at this age is their honesty and integrity in their respective responsibilities and jobs.

I decided to go back and fulfill my duties with no cheats.

The trip ended, but a new journey has just begun for me.
I waved the green state a farewell from my window seat as the plane took off.

 By Ambika Pipersenia