“An idea can change your life”, says an advertisement. In fact, it’s a true and powerful statement, if applied in life. Ideas shape lives and the destiny of mankind. The development of people and nations has its origin in the development of new ideas! Creative and innovative ideas are powerful enough to create jobs, wealth and progress. They have given birth to innumerable inventions down the history lane, enabling every human being to enjoy the fruits of such inventions, and making the world what it is today.

When new ideas are generated, they take the form of creativity, innovation and inventions. Every success story of man is the handiwork of new ideas and their effective and calculated implementation. The western world, generally known as the ‘developed countries’, came to its prominence and pre-eminent position, commanding respect and admiration from the rest of the world, mainly due to the implementation of creative ideas and manifold inventions. Thanks to globalization, today we are better placed to share ideas, and share their fruits too.

India, with a huge young population, has no dearth of ideas. She’s the treasure trove of creative and innovative ideas. Thousands of young, bright minds from India have migrated to the ‘developed countries’; many of them occupy a pride of place in those countries due to their creative ideas, innovations and inventions. When our best brains are hired or purchased by those who have money power, their gain becomes our loss. The continuous and ever growing brain-drain will have serious consequences for our country and its people in the long run. Those who preach about nationalism and love for the country are blissfully ignorant of such core issues that pull the country back and impede its speedy growth and development.

It’s gladdening that in recent times many teenage students, youth and professionals come out with their creative ideas and innovations. The birth of several successful Startups has boosted the confidence of our young people. A healthy competition has ensured the proliferation of many such initiatives which are generating jobs and wealth within the country. When young people climb the ladder of success, after becoming job providers instead of being job hunters, that points to the direction of self confidence, self reliance, independence and nation building. It is yet another positive sign that many young professionals quit their lucrative jobs abroad and return to the country with the motive of contributing their mite in the development of the ordinary and poor people in this country.


We salute the teenagers and youngsters, the new crop of innovators/developers, who exhibit their creative quotient in various fields, implementing their ideas to develop something unique by converting their virtual idea into real innovation for development. Creative thinking brings out innovative ideas for progress and finds solutions to the day-to-day needs and problems of our people. Students, teenagers, youth and adults need to develop their creative thinking in order to excel in their studies, profession or business. Sometimes we can get stuck up in certain thinking patterns. Breaking these thought patterns can help us our mind unstuck and generate new ideas. Constant and ongoing innovation is critical to stay ahead of the competition. Hence the need to be on the lookout for new ideas that can drive innovation. The ability to think differently, generate new ideas and spark creativity are very important for our self realization, and also for taking our country to greater heights of self reliance, independence and glory.

Let the quest for knowledge and success ignite the minds of the teenagers and youngsters to do something unique in their life, bringing them achievements, and laurels and glory for our country. For that, dare to think differently! Bring in fresh ideas! Be more creative and innovative!