Competition: The Art of Doing Things Differently

Competition gives us the chance to improve our level of wisdom and excellence every time we compete. Competition teaches us to have high spirits in life.

We are living in an era where there is competition in every field, be it business, education, techno-world, or anything else.


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Competition, in general, means the process of trying to get or win something that someone else is also trying to get or win. When we compete with another person or group of persons, our talents and level of knowledge also enhance, which proves to be good for an individual’s personal development.

Sometimes when we compete with other persons, we develop a feeling of rivalry with them, which is a negative attitude. Competition gives us the chance to improve our level of wisdom and excellence every time we compete.
As knowledge is power, one who possesses more knowledge and wisdom becomes the winner at the end of every competition s/he faces in personal or professional life. Competition teaches us to have high spirits in life.

Generally, everyone carries a negative attitude towards competition. They actually fight with each other in every possible way, whether it is morally justified or not. Every competition gives the winner a chance to work harder and the loser an opportunity to knock next time.

Any competition can be won through sheer determination which helps us in giving our best throughout to perform exceptionally well, and confidence that the results will be in favour of one who truly deserves it, as competition is the sign of potential.

Competition does not mean get or win something always. It is about knowing that we’ve done our best, and for that we must have inner satisfaction regarding our hard work. One should carry a positive belief that the hard work and energy we’ve got and put up in the game will shine as our attitude determines our results.

The best competitor one can ever find is in the mirror. If you will compete with yourself every time, you can upgrade yourself and can refine the level of knowledge which will ultimately help you to inspire others and to reach your levels of potential. The results will boost your spirit. Competing with oneself will enhance our dynamic power which we all carry within. “If you continuously compete with others you become BITTER; but if you continuously compete with yourself you become BETTER”.

If we go through the self-help books, they’ll teach us how we can master ourselves just by PRACTICING our little goals daily, and we can win our dreams. The will to achieve, with rigorous practice, will help us finish any competition with stunning results.

Competition has more good than harm if we take it with positive mind. Don’t compare yourself with others as every person on the planet is the creation of God and is unique. Robin Sharma, the author of 11 bestseller books, wrote in one of his books, “Stop comparing yourself with others. You’ve built to dazzle and designed to inspire”.

We see today the highest competition in education and business. Young people who start their business and design their wealth creation while competing with others forget that people do business with people, and not with companies. To win the competition in any business they should bring in innovation, communication power, and leadership skills instead of dirty mind games.

To win the competition in education, the only measuring unit of it should be EXCELLENCE. The one who owns it more should be the winner. The extent of your impact on the world depends upon the size of your devotion to excellence.

You can brand yourself as a winner or loser in a competition. Here are some differences between winners and losers, which will help you in judging the brand which suits to your personality:

  • The winner is always a part of the answer;
    The loser is always a part of the  problem.
  • The winner always has a plan;
    The loser always has an excuse.
  • The winners says “let me do it for you”;
    The loser says “that’s not my job”.
  • The winner sees an answer in any problem;
    The loser sees a problem in every answer.
  • The winner sees green near every sand trap;
    The loser sees sand trap near every green.
  • The winner says “it may be difficult, but it’s possible”;
    The loser says “it’s impossible”. (Author unknown)

Steve Jobs has said, “You can’t look at the competition and say you’re going to do it better. You have to look at the competition and say you’re going to do it differently.”

By Rupal Gupta