A Shocking Scene in the Bushes!

Those children were in their primary classes… but they were using some drugs hiding in the bushes..!!

 During this year’s summer holidays I was in my native place which is a beautiful hilly area surrounded by lush green trees and a running brook. One evening I went for a walk along with my little nephew. On the way we saw two boys coming out from the nearby twigs. I called them out, but they moved on, not minding me. As I watched them keenly, I saw something they were hiding in their hands. I just couldn’t believe when I saw a small bottle and syringes in their hands..! Quickly my curiosity turned into caution.


I headed towards the boys. The moment they were ‘caught’, their nerve changed to embarrassment. I questioned them about the source of their money. The way they retorted at me made me dumbfounded and shocked..! Can you believe if I say they were in their primary classes..?


Those children were using some drugs hiding in the bushes…!!!


For a moment I felt I was impractical and wasting my time and energy as an educator… It happened just a few days before their school re-opened for another academic year. Both of them are going to the same school.


From the conversation I gathered that they got this inventiveness from the media. Their parents were able to give them good amount of pocket money, and they were using it for drugs! They told me that in their school many senior students are selling these kinds of substances to the junior students..! It’s going on since many years in their school. The senior students are being influenced or controlled by some goons and anti-social elements in that area. Thus the business is flourishing in the school.


Though I didn’t teach those children, and I had nothing to do with them, yet my responsibility as a teacher raised an alarm in my mind. For a couple of minutes I was dumbfounded and could not utter anything. It clearly shows the dangerous trend before our eyes.


The values of life are diminishing or fading away fast under the banner of modernism. The world and its amusements are really breathtaking and all the more tempting. It’s like gifts packed in attractive and colourful wrappers.


According to Mahatma Gandhi, children are the most priceless treasure a country can have. They are the future of the country. None can replace their place.


Children are like seeds hidden inside the nuts. Once broke open, uncountable treasures are found inside of them. They are highly innovative with high potentials. They should not waste the precious academic year with other distractions.


Ludovico Antonio Moratori was a famous Italian writer and historian. He was from a poor background and didn’t have money to pay his fees. So every day, before going for work, he used to stand near the window of the school near to his home and listen the lessons for half an hour. One day a teacher found out the shabby boy near the window as other students in the class were looking at him and taunting. The teacher shouted at the boy for disturbing the class. He was in tears and told about his inability to pay for his studies. If the teacher didn’t want him to listen the lessons, he would never come again, he said. The curious teacher asked him if he could narrate the previous day’s lesson. The lad narrated every bit of it, and the teacher took interest in him and paid his fees. The rest is history.


Dear students, don’t ignore an opportunity to learn good things for a good life. Don’t waste your precious time and energy on drugs and other harmful things. You are the masters of your destiny.

By Bindu Abraham MSI