Value Education Changes Life Direction

Today’s materialistic life knowingly or unknowingly avoids values. Values are disappearing from our society. Value Education should be done at home as well as in schools and colleges. Many schools adopt Moral Science as a subject. But I realised that these allotted periods are used by teachers for completing the main syllabus. Students are away from values, because they are not been taught by anyone whole-heartedly. In the absence of this, the schools are bringing out a number of irresponsible citizens who may harm the society and the country.

The lack of value education leads to various types of social disturbances. Parents and teachers get frustrated by the activities of the students, and both blame each other. Without values, a person cannot be a good son/daughter, a policy maker, a politician or any professional. So it is very important to establish a curriculum in the school academic level that can promote the values among the students and teachers.

This should be made compulsory and the schools should ensure that the curriculum follows it strictly. Value education is not only about theory but it should also include practical/real life instances. It should encourage visits to the orphanages, old age homes and the slums so that the students should realise the reality of life and thus they should have a feeling of gratefulness towards what they have. The students also should take in the values given by the teachers and the parents.

Children are like clay, which could be moulded into any shapes or figures. So teachers and parents have great role in the value education or the development of values in their life. Our mission is to transfer the values to the present generation; in that way we can eliminate the social evils. Values can change the direction of life. Life becomes different when we have a different way to look at it. Values provide wisdom and that’s the key to a glorified life.

V N Santosh Kumar

V. N. Santosh Kumar (Ursuline Convent Sr. Sec. School, Greater Noida, U.P.)